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Cosmetic and reconstructive Plastic Surgery


January 14, 2016

To our patients,

After 23 years in our current location, we are closing our office at 851 W Morse Blvd and moving in with Dr. Stieg’s former partner, Dr. Orlando Cicilioni at Orlando Cosmetic Surgery, LLC, in the medical plaza at Florida Hospital Orlando.  Our phone number (407-647-4601), fax number (407-647-7353), and website ( will remain the same. 

Effective Monday, March 14, 2016 the new addresses are:
        Office Address                                                       Mailing Address
        2501 N Orange Ave. Suite 209                            PO Box 2204
        Orlando, FL 32804                                                Winter Park, FL 32790-2204

To make a payment or if you have billing questions for a date of service prior to March 14, 2016, please call 407-286-6419.  For all dates of service beginning with March 14, 2016, please call the main office number at 407-647-4601.

In addition to relocating our practice, we are making the following changes, effective March 2016:

1) We will continue to accept straight Medicare, but due to the difficulties in dealing with commercial insurance companies and the financial implications of those difficulties, we will discontinue participation with all other insurance plans.

2) We will continue to be available to our existing insurance patients and to provide continuing care with respect to ongoing treatment needs (such as continuing breast reconstruction or cleft/craniofacial reconstructions), but will not be able to see established patients for new problems under insurance.  We will be happy to see insurance patients who choose to become self pay patients instead.

3) We will continue to see cosmetic and self pay patients.  We have constructed a self pay fee schedule that should be fairly competitive with what most patients are already financially responsible for as to skin cancers, skin lesions, and so forth and we already have a relationship with a lab for pathology that offers reasonable self pay prices.  In terms of office visits, a new patient visit will be $50-$100, depending on complexity, and an established patient visit will be $25-$50, depending on complexity.

4) After the move, Dr. Stieg will be seeing patients in the office on Mondays, will perform surgeries at Florida Hospital Orlando on Tuesdays, and will perform office surgeries on Thursdays.

5) We will be happy to provide you with copies of your medical records if you wish to transition your care to another physician.  You will need to complete a medical records release form (available on our website in the patient paperwork section) and provide us with the address or fax number where the records should be sent.  Completed forms can be dropped off, faxed, or mailed to our office or emailed to  


Frank Stieg MD 

Finding us in our new location:

We will be located in the Medical Plaza on the campus of

Florida Hospital Orlando, which is accessible via the King St.

parking garage (entrance to the building is on the 3rd floor)

or via valet parking from the street level entrance off of

Orange Ave.  

Please note that the office is in the SOUTH TOWER of the

Medical Plaza and you will need to follow signs to the South

Tower Elevators  in order to find our office.  The suite is

number 209, Orlando Cosmetic Surgery, LLC.